Our Story



Taiwanese cuisine is still a relative new field for an international and cosmopolitan city like Berlin, which gives us the motivation to bring in the Taiwanese food culture. Different from the coffee culture, the tea culture gives a known but unfamiliar impression. Taiwanese tea culture, in particular, has yet to gain a foothold in Berlin, while the Japanese tea ceremony, for example, is already familiar to many. Tea has a longstanding history in Taiwan. The Taiwanese have developed their own tea ceremony and new style of of tea. "Cream Cheese Tea" is an example of new style of tea, served with whipping cream on the top of tea. It's not only a new product derived from Taiwanese tea culture but also a new concept arising from combing the Taiwanese and Western cultures. The purpose of our tea shop is not only to allow Taiwanese students in Berlin to ease their homesickness with a cup of tea, but also introduce the tea and tea ceremony from Taiwan to the Berliners. Meanwhile, through our workshops, we hope the Berliners will get to know our island in eastern Asia, which is also called "Formosa", and enhance the cultural exchange. The name of our shop "Dosha" implies the essence of Taiwanese culture, politeness, which contains 3 basic elements, please, thank you, and sorry. Moreover, "Dosha" sounds similar to “thank you” in Taiwanese. We thank you for your every visit. In addition, the Chinese characters 多 and 夏 (多: more; 夏: summer) also indicate the Taiwanese, who come from a tropical island, wish to feel the summer more often in Berlin.